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Product description

🌟 For Smooth And Glass-Like Skin 🌟

🧊 Give your face a nice and relaxing ice treatment with the help of our handy GlacierGlow™️. Instead of holding freezing cold ice with your bare hands, the GlacierGlow™️ gives you the perfect little handle to hold on to.

🧊 With its pod-like design, the GlacierGlow™️ can be filled with water and popped in the freezer to mold the ice. Once frozen, simply take the cover out and start swiping the GlacierGlow™️ on your face to start off your daily skin routine.

🎁 Key Benefits:

✅ Convenient design - Even with its simple design, the GlacierGlow™️ saves you from the inconvenience of holding onto ice. It gives you a thick barrier between your fingers and the ice, making icing your face so much more enjoyable.

✅ Clean and sanitary - Skincare should always be sanitary so that your face remains spotless and smooth. The GlacierGlow™️ keeps the ice contained until you need to use it for your skin's beauty routine.

✅ Portable and compact - Continue your usual skin routine wherever you go. The GlacierGlow™️ is extremely compact, which means that you can take it with you and pop it in any freezer.

✅ Easy to use - Our GlacierGlow™️ comes in two parts and one with a hole on top so that you can fill it with water. Once frozen, you can simply remove the cap and swipe the ice against your skin. Get smooth and clear skin in no time!

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📐 Specifications:

🔸 Material: Silicone 🔸 Size(Dia.xH): 67x124mm/2.6x4.8 inches

📦 Package Includes:

🔹 2Pcs/Set Ice Cup Massager

💆‍♀️ Pamper yourself and get smooth, flawless skin with the SkinFrost ice cup massager. Order yours now and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this amazing skincare tool!



🙋 Objections and Answers:

Q: Will the GlacierGlow™️ be too cold for my skin? A: The GlacierGlow™️ is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your skin. The silicone material provides a thick barrier between the ice and your skin, ensuring that the temperature is not too cold.

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