Flawless Eyeliner Tool Flawless Eyeliner Tool
Flawless Eyeliner Tool €23,95
5 Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Second time purchasing this eyeliner! It never fails.Quality and perfect precision! Verified Buyer: Selmer Herman Description Precise bending: The precise tip of the system is curved, soft and elastic to conform to the natural shape of the eye, which will help lower and fully wrap the eyeliner in the upper part of the drawing. Beginners: Suitable for novices and experts, suitable for beginners and advanced. Designed to achieve a wide range of eye-lifting techniques, including classic, winged eyeliner, compact eyeliner, etc. NATURAL PERPECT EYELINE SHAPE : Glides along the lash line with no tugging, dragging, or pulling, Designed to achieve multiple eye enhancing techniques including classic, winged liner, tight-lining and more. EASY TO USE : Universally designed vertical shape for easy control, Curved, soft and flexible precision tip to follow eye’s natural shape, Built-in finger rest and rounded edge to steady and guide application.     This item is NOT sold in stores! Guaranteed Safe Checkout:  VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | Discover Click BUY IT NOW To Order Yours NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.
SkinClear-Camera AI Visual Blackhead Remover SkinClear-Camera AI Visual Blackhead Remover
SkinClear-Camera AI Visual Blackhead Remover €38,95
✨ Say Goodbye To Clogged Pores! ✨ 🌟 Free your pores from unwanted dirt and oils with the incredible SkinClear! 🌟 This powerful tool, equipped with the latest skincare technology, will revolutionize your beauty routine and help you achieve a flawless complexion. 💆‍♀️ 🌿 Conveniently clean and purify your pores without breaking the bank when you use this handy tool. SkinClear is your ultimate solution for targeting skin issues and effectively removing tiny impurities, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 🧖‍♀️ 🔑 Key Benefits: 🌟 Clog-Free Pores: With SkinClear's visual cleaning feature, you can microscopically see and effectively clean your skin without missing a single pore. Say goodbye to excess oil and impurities, and hello to a clear, radiant complexion. ✨🔍 🌟 Adjustable Suction Power: SkinClear is equipped with the most efficient vacuum chip that is gentle on your skin. Choose from soft, middle, and powerful suction modes to address different skin cleaning concerns, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience. 💨💪 🌟 Multiple Suction Tips: Designed to conform to different face contours, SkinClear effectively deep cleans pores with precision. This amazing pore suction tool comes with four different tips that can be used in specific areas, allowing you to target and treat every inch of your skin. 🌀💆‍♂️ 🌟 Easy To Use: Using SkinClear is a breeze! Simply hold the power button for three seconds to turn it on or off, providing you with quick and effortless control. Plus, SkinClear conveniently transmits the data analysis to your phone using a WIFI connection, so you can track your progress and make informed skincare decisions. 📲✅ ✨ Experience the transformative power of SkinClear and unlock the secret to beautifully clear and healthy skin. Get yours today and embark on a journey to a more confident and radiant you! ✨💖 🌟 Features: SkinClear's Ultimate Visual Blackhead Removal 🌟 1️⃣ Safe and Convenient: Experience a safe and convenient skincare solution with SkinClear's Visual Blackhead Removal tool. It is designed to be gentle on your skin, with no side effects to worry about. 💆‍♀️ 2️⃣ Built-in Camera: Connect your phone to the device and witness the magic of clear pores! The integrated camera allows you to see your pores up close and personal, providing a visual aid for effective blackhead removal. 📷🔍 3️⃣ 20x Macro Lens: Equipped with a powerful 20x macro lens, this tool ensures high-resolution viewing of your skin. The mobile app enables a direct and real-time viewing experience, allowing you to watch and suction blackheads with precision. 📲✨ 4️⃣ Adjustable Suction Force: Customize your skincare routine with three adjustable suction gears. SkinClear's Visual Blackhead Removal provides the perfect suction power for your specific needs. It also includes three different suction heads, catering to various sensitive skin types. 💨🔧 5️⃣ AI Intelligent Detection: By combining AI intelligent detection software and big data analysis, this tool optimizes your skincare routine. It suggests personalized skincare schemes, captures photos and videos for analysis, and provides a clear assessment of the effectiveness of your skincare regimen. 🧠📸 6️⃣ Long-Lasting Battery: The device features a powerful 1000mAh battery and a convenient USB charging design. You can use it anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted skincare sessions. 🔋💼 🎁 Product Includes: 1 X Visual Blackhead Removal Tool 1 X USB Cable 4 X Suction Heads 1 X Manual 📝 SkinClear Notes: 1️⃣ This product is intended for personal care use only. It should not be used for nose augmentation or on any areas that have undergone skin cosmetic surgery. Please note that it is not a medical device. 2️⃣ For the safety of children, it is forbidden for them to use this device alone. 3️⃣ Pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions are advised not to use this tool. 4️⃣ It is not recommended to use this tool on areas with thin skin. 5️⃣ If you have scars or skin lesions, it is advisable to avoid using the tool on those areas. 6️⃣ Avoid using the device directly around the eyes, ears, and other sensitive parts of the face. 7️⃣ After treatment, a slight reddening of the skin may occur, which is a normal and temporary reaction. No need to worry! 8️⃣ Store the product in a cool and dry place, away from corrosive substances. 9️⃣ Do not clean the product directly with water. Use a dust-free cloth to gently wipe it clean. 🔟 Wi-Fi functionality is not intended for internet browsing purposes. It is solely for the connection between the device and your phone. 🔍 Please note that this product is designed for near-focus use and should not be used as monitoring equipment. ✨ Discover the power of SkinClear's Ultimate Visual Blackhead Removal and unveil the beauty of clear, rejuvenated skin. Get yours now and experience the transformation firsthand! ✨💖
Teeth Cleansing And Whitening Foam Teeth Cleansing And Whitening Foam
Teeth Cleansing And Whitening Foam from €19,95
  Oral diseases, while largely preventable, pose a major health burden for many countries and affect people throughout their lifetime, causing pain, and discomfort. Let’s try our Teeth cleansing and whitening foam! It can help you remove food debris from the mouth, intensive stain removal, effectively repair and protect teeth and make your teeth completely white, no matter whether your teeth are yellow or black. Besides, our product can assist users to promote restorative dentin. Hence, it helps restore tooth erosion. For severely necrotic pits, it can enable the oral tissues to produce new tooth germs and encourage the growth of healthy teeth. On the other hand, this foam can help you eradicate bad breath, and the added menthol can make your breath fresh.  Using our products can remove breath and tooth stains, so that your teeth become as bright as pearls. At the same time, it can gently protect tooth enamel and protect tooth health. Our product can be carried anywhere because it is compact size.  It is made of safe materials,is gentle and mild to use.Our product can be used to protect dental gum, clean teeth, remove stains, freshen breath, whiten teeth, strengthen tooth enamel, and repair oral injuries. It also suitable for cleaning teeth and dissolving stains effectively because the baking soda toothpaste cleansing foam can penetrate cracks in tooth enamel, remove embedded food particles. Item Name: Toothpaste FoamMaterial: LiquidFeatures: Teeth Repair, Painless, Protect GumsNet Content: 50mlShelf Life: 3 Years How to use: Just apply a certain amount of foam on the toothbrush, then brush your teeth as usual, shake well before use.
Electric Vacuum Pore Cleanser Electric Vacuum Pore Cleanser
Electric Vacuum Pore Cleanser €28,95
GET RID OF SKIN PROBLEM, RESTORE YOUR CONFIDENCE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME! Our Blackhead Remover is designed for sucking out the blackheads from your skin without hurting it. It is like a facial vacuum.  Deeply remove stubborn blackhead, whitehead, acne, dead skin, make-up residue,  make your skin look more radiant. This has the capability of stronger suction and repair of damaged skin. Which can easily adjust the most appropriate suction levels for your different skin areas. Why It Is So Effective? - Vacuum function cleans dirty pores through suction and increases blood circulation in the skin - Comes with 5 changeable beauty heads, which can offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your facial skin - Many Different Suction Levels makes it suitable for different skin - Helps remove the pores, blackheads, wrinkles on your face and keep your skin clean, making skin smooth that looks rejuvenated Instructions: 1. Apply a hot towel to the skin of the face, keep it for 5-10 minutes, open the pores and soften the skin; 2. Select the tip you need and install the tip on the main unit; 3, Slowly move the blackhead remover across  the skin of the face, please do not stay in the same position for too long - this it to avoid the skin to be red and purple. 4. After cleaning, wash with cold water, apply mask, use emollient products properly and keep your face moisturized. After use... 92% see smaller, cleaner pores 94% say it revitalizes their skin 95% say it cleanses oily skin We Care About Our Customers Why it is always a good choice to buy from us? ✓ Limited-Time Free Worldwide Shipping ✓ Exclusive Design ✓ Quality Control ✓ Responsive Customer Support ✓ Secure Global Payment Gateways Why Delay? Shop With Us Today! We say this for a reason... Our product demand has increased A LOT the past few weeks, and that was unexpected. We are offering our last pieces with FREE SHIPPING while our supplies last.  Don't Miss Out! Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority If you experience any problems with your order, let our team know within 30 days through and we’ll get you your money back! 100% Guaranteed Refunds. Shopping online should be fun and easy and we want you to love your experience with us!
Waterproof – Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes Waterproof – Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes
Waterproof – Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes €23,95
No glue or Eyeliner NeededThe newest false eyelashes that is easy to use, no need of glue or eyeliner. It is self-adhesive and can be applied in 3 seconds, greatly simplifies your makeup process.   Reusable and WashableThe false lashes are reusable and washable, more sanitary and healthy to use. Comes with replaceable adhesive strips that won’t fall off even after repeated use. Natural LashesThe false lashes have nice curling radian and blend seamlessly with real lashes, making your eyes bigger and more glamorous. They are as natural as your real eyelashes without the feeling of wearing false lashes. High QualityMade of premium synthetic fibers, it is easy to use and remove. There won’t be any residue left on the skin, non-allergic and comfortable to use. Exquisite GiftPacked with an exquisite box, it is a great gift on Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, valentine’s day, mother’s day for women. Try our self-adhesive reusable eyelash, it is very easy and quick application, greatly simplifies the process of your makeup. It just like your eyelash natural, and can be reused. Don't need to glue or eyeliner. The latest false eyelashes, easy to use, do not need to glue and eyeliner. It is self-adhesive, can be in 3 seconds, greatly simplifies the process of your makeup. Save time and effort. Perfect Packaging We choose high quality crystal hard cases to perfectly protect the lashes and keep them intact and stored back in the crystal case after each use. Reusable and Washable False eyelashes are reusable and washable, making them more hygienic and healthy to use. With replaceable adhesive strips, they will not fall off even after repeated use. Natural Lashes False lashes have a nice curl curve that blends seamlessly with your real lashes, giving you bigger and more attractive eyes. They are as natural as your real lashes, without the feeling of wearing false lashes. High Quality It is made from high quality synthetic fibers that are safe, hygienic and easy to apply and remove. It does not leave any residue on the skin, is non-allergenic and comfortable to use. SPECIFICATIONS Material: Chemical Fiber Style: Natural, Long, Thick, Natural L09,Natural m27,Natural L08 Weight: 38g Package Includes: 1x Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes
Microblade Eyebrow Pen Microblade Eyebrow Pen
Microblade Eyebrow Pen €19,95
Draw the Naturally-looking Fluffy Brows Achieve gorgeous fuller brows with a simple swipe of the Blade and Growth Pen! Create hair like strokes with our unique fork-like brush while infusing your eyebrows with our peptide and nutrient-filled Growth Bond formula. It’s a safe and affordable alternative to expensive permanent eyebrow microblading services. Plus thicker-looking eyebrows within 4 to 6 weeks.   THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO ENJOY BETTER BROWS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY IS WITH OUR BLADE PEN Our pen ensures fuller brows all day long while utilizing our unique Growth Bond technology for longer-lasting fullness. Waterproof and smudge-free for 24 hours. Feel confident and look amazing!    What Are The Benefits? Unique four-toothed tips for precise application. Hair-like strokes with ease for filled, natural-looking eyebrows. Fill in any gaps and create a fuller eyebrow look. Creates the illusion of natural brow hair in a single stroke. Water-proof. Lasts up to 24 hours, smudge-proof, transfer-proof Comes in 5 shades to match your hair color. HOW TO USE Step 1: Start with clean brows Step 2: Align Micro-thin tip across brow Step 3: Create hair-like lines starting at the brow base Step 4: Fill in sparse areas hair by hair   We Care About Our Customers Why it is always a good choice to buy from us? ✓ Limited-Time Free Worldwide Shipping ✓ Exclusive Design ✓ Quality Control ✓ Responsive Customer Support ✓ Secure Global Payment Gateways Why Delay? Shop With Us Today! We say this for a reason... Our product demand has increased A LOT the past few weeks, and that was unexpected. We are offering our last pieces with FREE SHIPPING while our supplies last.  Don't Miss Out! Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority If you experience any problems with your order, let our team know within 30 days through and we’ll get you your money back! 100% Guaranteed Refunds. Shopping online should be fun and easy and we want you to love your experience with us!
AquaTress™ - Waterproof Hair Line Powder AquaTress™ - Waterproof Hair Line Powder
AquaTress™ - Waterproof Hair Line Powder €28,95
  "Works well and you can easily cover up your gray outgrowth. I have color height 9 and blond is a good color"  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dawn OrtizVerified Buyer 👑💧 AquaTress™: Keep Your Crown Looking Full And Vibrant! 💇‍♀️💥 Looking for the ultimate solution for maintaining a full and flawless hairline? No matter the weather or occasion, the AquaTress™ powder is set to keep your hairline looking fresh and defined. ✨✨ Our amazing AquaTress™ blends seamlessly with your natural hair color. Plus, it's also long-lasting and waterproof, ensuring fewer retouches and more time to flaunt your beautiful head of hair. 💁‍♀️💦 Key Benefits ✨✨ 🌊 Waterproof Formula - With its long-lasting and water-resistant formula, AquaTress™ is perfect for people who lead active lifestyles or live in areas with high humidity. Its sweat-proof design ensures that it won't smudge or fade, even during the most rigorous activities. 🏋️‍♀️🌞 🎈 Easy Application - Our amazing AquaTress™ comes with a smooth blotting puff that allows for easy application. Its soft texture helps it to blend seamlessly with your scalp and natural hair color. 🧽✨ 🌿 Natural-Looking Results - The AquaTress™ is available in a variety of colors that match a wide range of hair shades. Its natural-looking finish makes it look like you didn't apply anything at all! 🌈👀 🌸 Safe and Gentle - Formulated with gentle and safe ingredients, the AquaTress™ is suitable for all hair types. Its non-irritating formula also helps to prevent scalp irritation or discomfort. 💆‍♀️❌🤕 NET WT: 4G 📦 Quantity: 1️⃣ SAVE $15 Off Today Click ADD TO CART to Order Yours Now!              
NailWisp - 12 Colors Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker NailWisp - 12 Colors Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker
NailWisp - 12 Colors Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker €28,95
🎨💅 Get Artistic With Your Nails! 💅🎨 Create stunning nail art masterpieces with ease, using the NailWisp nail art set. Here are some key benefits of using this amazing tool: 👉 Ultra-Thin Tip: The NailWisp's ultra-thin tip allows you to create precise strokes and detailed designs with ease. It's perfect for creating intricate nail art designs, experimenting with different lines, shapes, and even calligraphy. 👉 Fast-Drying Marker: The fast-drying formula of the NailWisp ensures that your nail art designs will be smudge-proof and long-lasting. No more wasting hours waiting for your nails to dry! 👉 Vibrant Colors: With a range of vibrant colors to choose from, the NailWisp lets you create endless nail art designs and express your creativity. You can even mix and match colors on every single nail. 👉 Versatile Use: These amazing nail markers can be used on natural, acrylic, gel, and even toenails, making the NailWisp a versatile tool for any nail art enthusiast. Specifications: 🔸 Quantity: 12 Pcs 🔸 Color: As shown in the pictures 🔸 Package Contents: 12Pcs Nail Art Pen 🔸 Feature: 100% brand new and high quality How to use: 1️⃣ Pen point is white when receiving the goods. (Normal) 2️⃣ Shake the pen holder until the fluid is mixed. 3️⃣ Press the pen point to exhaust when first using. 4️⃣ Push the pen point several times, wait for several seconds, and then the color will come out. (Important) 5️⃣ Apply the color gel. 6️⃣ If there is floating gel on the nail surface, please wipe it off. 7️⃣ Draw the pattern you want on your nail and let it dry naturally. 8️⃣ Seal with top coat and cure. 9️⃣ Cover the cap immediately. Objections: ❓ "What if I'm not artistic or skilled enough to use this tool?" Don't worry, the NailWisp's ultra-thin tip makes it easy for anyone to create intricate designs and patterns. You don't need to be an expert in nail art to use this tool. Just practice and experiment with different designs, and you'll soon become a pro! ❓ "What if I don't like the colors in the set?" The NailWisp comes with a range of vibrant colors to choose from, but you can always mix and match colors to create your own unique nail art designs. You can also use the markers on top of your favorite nail polish to add some extra flair to your nails.   
GlowWand - Get Flawless Skin With 4 In 1 High Frequency Electrode Wand Beauty Device GlowWand - Get Flawless Skin With 4 In 1 High Frequency Electrode Wand Beauty Device
GlowWand - Get Flawless Skin With 4 In 1 High Frequency Electrode Wand Beauty Device from €35,95
  Make Your Skin Glow Like The Stars! Promote the regeneration of collagen in your skin with the help of the ultra-effective GlowWand set. This skin-friendly set uses high-frequency technology to revive your skin's youthful glow. Equipped with multiple wands, the GlowWand set targets different parts of your face and various blemish issues. Better yet, it even comes with a hair wand to strengthen the follicles for a healthier and thicker mane. Key Benefits Beautiful Glow - Clear away blemishes and dark spots with this handy GlowWand set. Its deep tissue massage helps remove acne marks, dark circles, and fine lines with regular usage. Anti Aging - Eliminate the presence of age lines and face creases with the GlowWand. The rod attachment is especially useful with treating forehead creases that are more noticeable when you age. Better Absorption - Increase the effectiveness of moisturizers and serums by massaging them on with the mushroom attachment. It aids in better skin absorption, delivering the serums deeper into your skin. Multipurpose Set - This amazing GlowWand set comes with multiple attachments that treat your face, hair, and even some parts of your body. This way, you can rejuvenate more than just your beautiful face.   Feature: -100% Brand new and top quality, Voltage: 100V/220V/240V . Operating frequency: 50-60Hz-Accelerate blood circulation, strengthen lymph activity. Kill bacteria & virus, stimulate circulation, eliminate acne & pimples-Improve secretion and PH value. Strengthen cell metabolism. Help skin nutrition. Produce the ozone for sterilization, can help wound to heal and to restrain pores - Please adjust the intensity to "0" after using it. Make sure that the machine is turned off and puck the glass tube out of the hand piece.   Functions: 1. Remove spot,Heal skin scars.2. Enhance blood circulation,Improve lymph activity.3. Help skin nutrition,Strengthen cell metabolism.4. Improve secretion and PH value.5. Diminish inflammation,Sterilize bacteria.6. Accelerate healing of wounds.7. Reduce visible skin pores.   1. Comb tube -Energizes hair follicles and promote blood circulation. This can diminish hair loss while reducing dryness and dandruff. 2. Bent tube - Suitable for details,such as nasal groove, small parts behind the ear. 3. Tongue tube - For face care, reduce wrinkle eye bags. Promote skin problem. 4. Mushroom tube - For face and body care, suitable for cheek, forhead, body. Use Steps: 1. Choose one of the glass electrode tube mounted on the handle. 2. Turn on the power supply and turn on the switch. 3. Touch the glass electrode with your hand, sense and adjust to the appropriate frequency. 4.Massage your face with the top of the glass electrode.