NailPod - Automatic Electric Nail Clipper


NailPod - Automatic Electric Nail Clipper

Product description

A Safe And Mess-Free Way To Cut Nails

Get well-groomed nails with the help of the NailPod. The NailPod is made to cut your nails in the safest way possible!

It's designed to keep your skin away from the blade so that you but your nails with precision each time. Plus, the NailPod can also vibrate to file down uneven points on your nails. 

Key Benefits

Safe Operation - The NailPod is so safe that it's perfect to use on kids and babies. It prevents unwanted cuts or overcutting.

Easy To Use - Our amazing NailPod comes with a tiny slot where you can insert your nails with ease. It will grind down your nails to perfection within seconds.

USB Rechargeable - For continuous grooming, the NailPod can last for hours after one full charge. Simply connect the NailPod to the USB cable and connect it to any power source so that it regains energy. 

Simple Cleaning - This NailPod comes with its very own nail clipping catcher. All you have to do is to pop it open and dump all the collected nail clippings in the trash.