SpecsRoll - Multiple Glasses Leather Storage Case


Keep Your Glasses Well Organized And Protected

Looking for a way to keep your glasses from getting damaged each time you travel? Our premium SpecsRoll gives your glasses full protection due to its solid and secure build.

To make things better, the SpecsRoll comes in a unique pentagon shape, giving you room to store up to 5 pairs of glasses. Plus, the SpecsRoll is designed with security straps to prevent your glasses from rolling around in the case.

Key Benefits

Spacious Organizer - The SpecsRoll is made for storing multiple pairs of glasses at the same time. In fact, it's spacious enough to store all your favorite glasses for different types of occasions.

Sturdy Build - Our amazing SpecsRoll is built with thick protective walls that won't cave in. This ensures that each pair of glasses remain intact and in perfect condition.

Travel Friendly - With its compact design, the SpecsRoll can fit in almost any type of bag. It's even more convenient since it can store multiple glasses all at once.

Multipurpose Use - Apart from being travel-friendly, the SpecsRoll is also great for home use. You can easily hang it on any wall or cabinet for easy access to your glasses.

Color: Black, Yellow, Pink
Material: Leather

Package Includes:
1x Sunglasses Storage Box

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