NailWisp - 12 Colors Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker NailWisp - 12 Colors Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker
NailWisp - 12 Colors Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker €28,95
🎨💅 Get Artistic With Your Nails! 💅🎨 Create stunning nail art masterpieces with ease, using the NailWisp nail art set. Here are some key benefits of using this amazing tool: 👉 Ultra-Thin Tip: The NailWisp's ultra-thin tip allows you to create precise strokes and detailed designs with ease. It's perfect for creating intricate nail art designs, experimenting with different lines, shapes, and even calligraphy. 👉 Fast-Drying Marker: The fast-drying formula of the NailWisp ensures that your nail art designs will be smudge-proof and long-lasting. No more wasting hours waiting for your nails to dry! 👉 Vibrant Colors: With a range of vibrant colors to choose from, the NailWisp lets you create endless nail art designs and express your creativity. You can even mix and match colors on every single nail. 👉 Versatile Use: These amazing nail markers can be used on natural, acrylic, gel, and even toenails, making the NailWisp a versatile tool for any nail art enthusiast. Specifications: 🔸 Quantity: 12 Pcs 🔸 Color: As shown in the pictures 🔸 Package Contents: 12Pcs Nail Art Pen 🔸 Feature: 100% brand new and high quality How to use: 1️⃣ Pen point is white when receiving the goods. (Normal) 2️⃣ Shake the pen holder until the fluid is mixed. 3️⃣ Press the pen point to exhaust when first using. 4️⃣ Push the pen point several times, wait for several seconds, and then the color will come out. (Important) 5️⃣ Apply the color gel. 6️⃣ If there is floating gel on the nail surface, please wipe it off. 7️⃣ Draw the pattern you want on your nail and let it dry naturally. 8️⃣ Seal with top coat and cure. 9️⃣ Cover the cap immediately. Objections: ❓ "What if I'm not artistic or skilled enough to use this tool?" Don't worry, the NailWisp's ultra-thin tip makes it easy for anyone to create intricate designs and patterns. You don't need to be an expert in nail art to use this tool. Just practice and experiment with different designs, and you'll soon become a pro! ❓ "What if I don't like the colors in the set?" The NailWisp comes with a range of vibrant colors to choose from, but you can always mix and match colors to create your own unique nail art designs. You can also use the markers on top of your favorite nail polish to add some extra flair to your nails.   
VivaGel - Polygel Nail Kit VivaGel - Polygel Nail Kit
VivaGel - Polygel Nail Kit €23,95
  Get All Your Nail Polish Essentials In One! Create salon-level manicures in the comfort of your own home! The VivaGel nail kit comes with everything you need to create that perfect nail style that you've been wanting. From the base coat to the nail glitter, the VivaGel helps you create masterpieces from beginning to end. Not only that, but this nail polish set even comes with a false nail tip for longer and sassier nail looks. Key Benefits All In One - Our premium VivaGel kit comes with all the tools and polish that you need to develop professional-looking nails. Not only that, but the kit lets you experiment with different styles. Perfect Formula - The gel polish that comes with the VivaGel kit ensures a smooth and long-lasting finish. In fact, you can enjoy amazing nail colors that go with most of your outfits. Fun Inclusions - This fun kit comes with various polish colors and glitter types to make your nails look extra sparkly. It even comes with a fine tip brush so that you can create various nail art designs. Quick Drying  - Under a UV light, the VivaGel polishes can dry after a minute or two of UV exposure. This way, you spend less time drying your nails and more time enjoying your day. How to use: 1. Gently file the nail surface 2. Apply a very thin layerand cure under UV/LED lights. 3. Choose an appropriate shape and size of false nail tips. 4. Apply Nail Gel On the nail mold, use a nail pen and lotion to smooth the gel. 5. Paste it on your real nail and make sure it is completely stuck, then cure under UV/LED light. 6. Remove the false nail tip, Use a nail clipper to cut out the length you want and use nail file to repair the desired shape. 7. Apply top coat and cure under UV/LED light. Specifications: Name: Nail extension Nail Gel Set Product weight: about 15g Applicable crowd: general Skin type: normal Net product content: 15ml Package Included: Extension Gel Set Notes: >>Due to manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-2 cm, please understand. >>The color difference may vary depending on the monitor settings. >>We provide you with the best products and services. >>If you have any questions, please let us know and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. thank you very much.              
AceNails - Press On Nails AceNails - Press On Nails
AceNails - Press On Nails €19,95
82394 Reflective Mirror Light Soft Pink Metal Plating False French Acrylic Nail Tips Metallic Square Fake Nails Without Nail Glue  Enjoy Glitzy And Glamorous Nails Without Having To Go To The Salon! Get professional grade and sexy-looking nails by snapping on our beautiful AceNails. These delicate coffin nails give your fingers much-needed length and beauty. Better yet, the AceNails boast beautiful designs and intense shine, making them a stunner when you wear them out to the town. In fact, the AceNails are great to wear during parties, fun events, or simply on a daily basis. Key Benefits High Grade Material - Our premium AceNails are made with salon-grade material that give them that expensive look. These nails don't easily wear out and they boast an amazing shine. Beautiful Designs - The AceNails come in a variety of designs that are ultra sexy and perfect for the everyday girl. There are also choices that do great for formal events or a wild night out. Natural Look - These high-quality nails blend seamlessly on top of your nails, making them look realistic. In fact, they look like you painted your own nails even close up. Easy To Use - Even with their stylish designs, the AceNails are simple to add to every nail. Simply glue each nail on and wait until they're dry before running your errands.   Description: 1. 100% brand new!!! 2. Wearable nails art, fashionable designs, make you more charming. 3. Suitable for home,office, party use,appointment, shopping show...4. Easy to wear and reomove. Quick and convenient with everywhere and everytime.5. 24pcs/set with vary size ,can fit most nails. 6. Liquid glue not included , will have a double side sticker.   Package: 24 Pieces false nails 1 sheet double side sticker   Note:if you want other color and other designs, welcome to visit our store to find more. Thanks.    Application: 1. Clean and buff natural nail gently. 2. Apply Nail Glue or Glue sticker to the plastic tip.3. Apply Plastic Tip to the natural nail.4. Press the Tip and hold down for 20 sec. CAUTION: Do not use if natural nails are Inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children.   Contact us: 1. If you have any question, please don"t hesitate contact us! 2. We will respond within 1 business day or less, but please allow delay reply for non-business day. 3. Please contact us before leave negative feedback or dispute, we"ll solve the problem for you.      81250
NailPod - Automatic Electric Nail Clipper NailPod - Automatic Electric Nail Clipper
NailPod - Automatic Electric Nail Clipper €47,95
A Safe And Mess-Free Way To Cut Nails Get well-groomed nails with the help of the NailPod. The NailPod is made to cut your nails in the safest way possible! It's designed to keep your skin away from the blade so that you but your nails with precision each time. Plus, the NailPod can also vibrate to file down uneven points on your nails.  Key Benefits Safe Operation - The NailPod is so safe that it's perfect to use on kids and babies. It prevents unwanted cuts or overcutting. Easy To Use - Our amazing NailPod comes with a tiny slot where you can insert your nails with ease. It will grind down your nails to perfection within seconds. USB Rechargeable - For continuous grooming, the NailPod can last for hours after one full charge. Simply connect the NailPod to the USB cable and connect it to any power source so that it regains energy.  Simple Cleaning - This NailPod comes with its very own nail clipping catcher. All you have to do is to pop it open and dump all the collected nail clippings in the trash.
Trimming Electric Nail Clippers Trimming Electric Nail Clippers
Trimming Electric Nail Clippers €28,95
An electric nail clipper that can be clipped with your eyes closed. You can check your phone, work, chat, etc., while clipping your nails without worrying about hurting your hand.The cute look is easy to catch kids" attention and make them fall in love with clipping nails!Suitable for everyone, babies, children, busy people, the elderly, people with poor eyesight, etc. ▷ [ Safe Nail Trimming ]With 3D precise hole placement and an arc that closely fits the nail shape, the blade is hidden behind a groove that protects the finger. The automatic nail trimmer is perfectly safe when your fingers are in direct contact with the nail groove. You can even close your eyes or trim your nails in the dark. This pair of nail clippers is suitable for old people with poor eyesight. ▷ [ Quickly and Automatically Trimming ]It only takes 10 seconds to trim a finger"s nails. A 360-degree rotation of the blade allows for trimming and polishing nails in one go. Sharp blades are great for hard, thick nails and help you maintain grooming habits and proper hygiene in the comfort of your home. ▷ [ Cute & Quiet Design ]The cute shape is easy to attract children's attention, lets children fall in love with nail clipping. Silent operation (45dB) is perfect for clipping nails while your baby sleeps without disturbing sleep at all. ▷ [ Anti-Splashing Design ] Built-in nail catcher for automatic nail collection. You don't need to worry about nail scraps splashing everywhere when you use it on your bed or sofa which would keep your house clean after cutting nails. ▷ [ Easy to Use & Portable ] At the push of a button, the electric nail clipper can cut, trim, polish, file, and remove debris at the same time. It is small and portable, easy to carry in your pockets or bags, so you can use it at any time anywhere. ▷ [ Convenient USB Charging ] With USB charging, it can be fully charged in 30 minutes and can be continuously trimmed 60 times. One charge can be used for 2 months. ▷ [ A Wonderful Gift ] This professional electric nail clipper can be used in manicure salons, toenail salons, as well as at home for babies, kids, men, women, seniors even pets. It's a great gift for family and friends! Specification: Material: ABSSize: about 7.8x8x3 3cm / 3.07x3.15x1.30 inchesColor: green; white; pink; green; black; redPackage includes: 1 x*Electric nail clippers 1*USB cable 1*Instructions
4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold Set 4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold Set
4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold Set €23,95
Raise your nail art to the next level! Create magnificent works of art right on your nails using the 4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold! Get compliments left and right as this mold impresses embossed designs onto your nails, creating stunning sculpted patterns that are sure to turn heads. Enjoy playing with multiple designs all in one mold. These patterns are expertly crafted so that its intricate designs show perfectly on your nails. Non-stick and flexible, it also lets you easily demold without damaging your nail art.    ⭐HIGHLIGHTS⭐ Sculpted Nail Art - Impresses embossed designs onto your nails, creating stunning sculpted patterns. Intricate Detail - The patterns are intricately detailed and expertly crafted to show perfectly on nails. All-in-1 Design Mold - Each mold contains various designs for you to play with. Perfect Demold - Non-stick and flexible, it lets you easily demold without damage. Widely Applicable - Suitable for natural nails, nail polish, acrylics, UV gel and more. Multiple Options - Available in different molds, each with its own wide range of designs to choose from. ⭐SPECIFICATIONS⭐ Material: Silicone Style: As shown Size: 8.2 cm x 14 cm ⭐PRODUCT INCLUDES⭐ 1 Set x 4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold