Anti-fungal Exfoliating Foot Soak


Anti-fungal Exfoliating Foot Soak

Product description

Anti-fungal Detox Foot Soak
Want to try the only all natural foot soak that actually eliminates foot & toenail fungus and athlete foot infection from under the nail? Anti-fungal Detox Foot Soak cures most stubborn toenail fungus, helps to prevent the spread of fungus and protects against recurrence.
Rich in natural antiseptic extracts, it harnesses the power of nature to treat fungal nail infections by running deep to the root of bacteria to soak away toxic nail fungus.
Instant and Long-Term Relief - cracking, itching, burning, caused by toe / skin fungus
Cures most jock itch and ringworm 
Antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties to deodorize
Reduces inflammation, pain, and itching
Softens corns, calluses & rough heels
All Skin Types with Hypoallergenic formula
Put one tablet to a basin of 4L 45-50 degree water
Soak your feet for around 20-30 mins and relax
Use 2-3 times a week or when necessary
6pcs X Anti-fungal Detox Foot Soak
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