1. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, all our products are available for international deliveries.

2. When will I receive my order?

Orders are delivered 10-25 days after your purchase, within U.S. borders.

For international shipping, orders may delay further.

Express delivery is available for you at an additional expense.

3. My order hasn’t been shipped.

Products are typically shipped 1-2 days after the payment was processed. If this time frame has exceeded, send us an email so we can give you further information.

4. My order has not arrived yet.

If you should have received your order by now, please contact us so we can check its status. This in international orders due to customs regulations.

5. I’m concerned for the safety of my payment information.

Since all of our payments are processed using PayPal, you can rest assured that it is completely safe. PayPal guarantees you against fraud, and we do not store any of your information in our servers.

6. Why was one product sent, and the other(s) not yet?

For logistical strategy, we have several warehouses at distinct locations. Your products may be sent from different warehouses depending on stock. This is common, no need to worry. Your other product(s) will most likely be shipped soon. If you have any further concerns please send us an email.

7. My order is damaged.

We are sorry for the trouble. Notify us as soon as possible and take pictures of the damage so we may ship you another completely free.

8. I want to change/cancel my order.

Modifications are only possible within the first 24 hours after purchase. Please reach out to us within this time frame so we can assist you with the desired modifications to your order.